We have a broad range of flavours suitable for all types of snack products, it includes all of the common flavours used on snacks around the world , along with a wide range of specialities. We are also open to develop any type of flavour which is not in our range as per the customer's demand.

Following are the listed products in our range:

Barbeque Savory and meaty, slightly smokey Powder
Cheese Mild and creamy Powder
Sweet cheese flavour Cheese flavour with sweet taste Powder
Cheese Flavour Strong cheese note with marked acidity Powder
Creamy Cheese Mature Creamy Powder
Cheese with Chili flavour Cheese flavour with mild chili note Powder
Cheese with Jalapeno Cheese flavour with strong jalapeno taste Powder
Nacho Cheese Flavour Cheese with Nacho taste Powder
Mexican Cheese Flavour Cheese flavour tomato , chili and Mexican flavours Powder
Chicken Roast Powder
Chicken Roast white meat, juicy & sweet Powder
Chicken Chicken meat and roast skin Powder
Chilli Hot pepper, spicy dry Powder
Chili Lemon Flavour Hot flavour with strong lemon taste Powder
Hot and Spicy Flavour Spicy Powder
Indian Red Chili Chatka Flavour Nice combination of spices, sourness and chili taste Powder
Pesto Flavour Mild flavour with good combination of different types of herbs Powder
Pizza Flavour With the use of herbs, tastes like pizza Powder
Salt and Vinegar Flavour Different types with variation in amount of salt and sourness Powder
Salsa Flavour Different type of salsa flavours with authentic Mexican salsa taste Powder
Sour Cream and Onion Flavour Nice sour taste with onion note Powder
Smoke Flavour Strong smoky flavour Powder
Smoke Hickory type smoke Powder
Tomato Flavour Savoury, typical fresh tomato Powder
Tomato Chili Flavour Savoury tomato with chili Powder
Tomato Ketchup Flavour Typical tomato ketchup taste Powder
Heinz Type Ketchup Flavour Same taste as Heinz ketchup up Powder
Tangy Tomato Ketchup Sour ketchup taste Powder
Hot Tomato Ketchup Flavour Tomato ketchup flavour with chili taste Powder